Welcome to My New Store!!!

Come one in, grab some coffee & look around - see what you can find. Be sure to check out all of the nooks & crannys, the corners, & especially the Attic! Take your time & enjoy your stay - you never know what you'll find besides mouthwatering frits & unique blends... I think that I saw some delicious semi-precious bead strands tucked in the corners as well as some absolutely gorgeous, one of kind, limited edition greeting cards with cover art designed by Iron Mountain Graphics. Don't be shy!

Now that the shop is fully functioning in its new home, make sure that you sign up for our new newsletter for the inside scoop on what's going on sale, new arrivals, and best of all - freebies for newsletter members!!! 

As soon as the gas is turned back on I'll be back to re-creating those yummy obsolete blends and what's better than getting a sample of a new blend in the mail? Or some of those relaxing un-frit blends (bath salts)...

New to our family are Dogmaw's Handmade Murrini, which can be found in our "Inclusion's" section. So far there are 40 amazing chip packs available, but if you have a request simply contact me at thatfritgirl@gmail.com with either a picture or description and I'll get that request sent to our master of murrini!



As always, please remember that frits and powders are glass, and please take the appropriate safety measures while working with them. Powders especially are easy to inhale.
Please take a minute to look at the shipping page to see an important note about prices, refunds, and a new practice that is now being implemented by the Postal Service. Also please take a peak at the conundrum which sheds light on any possible inventory issues.
The BOC Samples are, however, for Challenge participants only... If there is a frit that you'd like to try this is a GREAT way to do it!!!! If you really don't want to take part in the Challenge and still would like to try out a frit, please contact me with the color and I'll send you a sample....

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    Aurae Ekho Psyche



    Double Helix's "Aurae" is also known as "pinky-purple luster"!

    DH-EKH Ekho was designed to offer features of both reduction and striking colors. For best results work hot, cool, reduce and encase!

    DH-PSY This purple glass has been concentrated so that the dark purple remains in surface application. It reduces quickly creating a multi color luster.